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Real Bodies The Exhibition would not be possible without the aid of our partners and supporters.

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Gavin Burland

President, Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences

“It is exciting to see an exhibition of human plastinates be available to the general public in Sydney. These Plastinates provide a unique view into the human body that is normally reserved to the medical field, the public will be able to explore and interact with these displays to better understand what’s inside that makes us function as people, a unique insight that can’t be gained via the technological world that we live in today. As one of Australia’s most experienced technical experts on plastination, it is a privilege to be able to engage with the public and have them experience the art and science of producing plastinates through this exhibition.”

After Graduating from University of Otago, Dunedin NZ, with a BSc in Anatomy and Zoology, Gavin Burland began working in Human Anatomy, and learnt the techniques of Plastination, cadaver preservation and museum preparation techniques over the course of 5 years. In 2008, Mr. Burland moved to Sydney to take up a Scientific officer position within the Faculty of Veterinary science where he ultised the specialised skills developed during his time at Otago Uni in the Veterinary Anatomy context. Since this time, he has continued to be an active member of the International society of Plastination (ISP) as well as been an active member of the Australasian Institute of Anatomical Science, (AIAS) of which he has held the role of Vice President and have recently moved into the role of President of AIAS. 

Mr. Burland is experienced in silicone, polyester and epoxy sheet plastination techniques, with a particular passion for both polyester brain slices and epoxy sheet plastination techniques due to the unique views and educational experiences these plastinates provide. 

Erin Christie

Year 2 Classroom Teacher for the NSW Department of Education

Real Bodies The Exhibition is an amazing opportunity for students of all ages to learn about themselves, each other, and the mysteries inside us. There's a certain wonder to watching the puzzle pieces click for young people, as they discover what makes up then run, laugh, eat and get scabs! I find as a teacher, I've learned more about myself in every gallery, more about my students, and as we start to explore the Living World curriculum, it's inspiring great conversation in the classroom. It's never too early to learn what makes us human - this exhibition is a must see for students and educators.”

Erin Christie is a Year 2 Classroom Teacher for the NSW Department of Education. A graduate and Student Ambassador of Notre Dame University, Erin completed a Masters of Special Education at the University of NSW in 2016. Her passion for moulding young minds stems from a long standing fascination with the study of the humanitarian sciences and a desire to ignite the fire for self discovery and understanding in our next generation. Erin is constantly inspired by the innovation and creativity of her young pupils, and continues to enjoy learning almost as much from her students as she teaches them.

CURE CANCER AUSTRALIA - Partnership Announcement!

Real Bodies The Exhibition is proud to announce a partnership with Cure Cancer Australia.

To celebrate our dedication to this very real cause, we kicked off with a BarbeCURE for Cancer on Saturday 2nd June. With the help of Backyard Burger Kitchen and a team of Real Bodies Volunteers, we raised money in support of cancer research!

If you'd like to donate to the cause you can do so until the end of June here. Stay tuned for more details on special events hosted by Cure Cancer Australia and Real Bodies The Exhibition.

Partnership press release

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